LGBT Film Festival: International Shorts

Thursday, May 9
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1hr 39mins

El Acompanante (The Companion) - Directed by Alvaro Delgado Aparicio. Peru. 2012. 22 min. Spanish with English subtitles.
On the outskirts of Lima, a young prostitute tends to his father, a fallen-from-grace artisan. However, the young man feels that his efforts are never enough. He tries to break free, but dependence is stronger.

Answers and Questions - Directed by Choongmin (Rudy) Lee. South Korea. 2012. 8 min. Korean with English subtitles
A woman is acting. Is she or isn’t she? The story centers around lesbians as women play a tug-of-war to hide and reveal their desires.

Homophobia - Directed by Gregor Schmidinger. Austria. 2012. 24 min. German with English subtitles
An adolescent boy, who serves the Austrian Military Forces, experiences homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. The suppressed conflict bubbles up during their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons.

Maremoto - Directed by Daniel Aratangy. Brazil. 2012. 8 min. Portuguese with English subtitles
Two childhood friends head to at a deserted beach, to surf. When they get there, however, the sea is flat. As they wait for a wave that never comes, one of them decides to make a revelation.

No Comment - Directed by Alexandra Naoum. France. 2012. 4 min. French with English subtitles
A girl makes two different unexpected encounters in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. In a humoristic way NO COMMENT deals with the thoughts of this young woman about men.

Nonni - Directed by Liss LaFleur. Iceland. 2013. 20 min. Icelandic with English subtitles. A meditation on life, art, and sweating. In 1975, Ice