LGBT Film Festival: Elder Shorts Program

Wednesday, May 8
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1hr 30mins

Join us for a program of shorts exploring the older LGBT experience.

The Films

Finding Franklin - Directed by Alex Bohs. USA. 2012. 14 min. English
Upon coming home for the death of her grandfather, young Violet discovers something intriguing from his past: a mysterious man named Franklin. After what appears to have been a near run-in at the funeral, Violet searches for the remaining clues as to who Franklin is and more importantly, why her grandfather left his information for her to find.

GLBT Oral History - Directed by Vance Malone. USA. 2012. 11 min. English
An oral history on coming out of the closet and finding love from GLBT seniors.

Memories for Sale - Directed by Christian de Rezendes. USA. 2013. 25 min. English
Charlie O’Neal (David Sullivan) is a writer desperate for a big break. For four years he has been writing a biography on the great Sid Freedman (Bob Colonna), a famous comedian from the golden age of television. But when the book’s contents seem ‘too tame’ or dull to interest any publisher, Charlie’s literary agent Bruce Halpern (Jerry Bisantz) organizes an impromptu meeting in his office with Sid’s granddaughter Rachel (Melissa Penick) bringing him in. Bruce coerces Charlie into interrogating Sid on the private yet scandalous details surrounding his career, much to Charlie’s dismay and all for just a few more juicy tabloid-headlining pages. What is the price of a man’s dignity?

Nonni - Directed by Liss LaFleur’. Iceland. 2013. 20 min. Icelandic with English subtitles
In 1975, Icelandic painter Nonni became the first person to come out publicly in Reykjavik as a