A Late Quartet

Opens Friday, November 9
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1hr 45mins // directed by:Yaron Zilberman // featuring:Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, and Imogen Poots

Peter Mitchell (Christopher Walken) is the senior member and cellist of a world-famous string quartet, The Fugue, along with husband and wife members Robert and Juliette Gelbart (Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener) and first chair violin Daniel Lerner (Mark Ivanir).

The Fugue's annual performances of Beethoven's String Quartet No. 14 is the highlight of many classical programs around the world, but leading into their 25th anniversary year everything's about to change.

Peter reveals that he has early signs of Parkinson's Disease and isn't sure if he'll be able to perform the strenuous and demanding Beethoven. Rather than find a replacement, Daniel would prefer to break up the quartet, but Robert and Juliette come to emotional blows over the options, putting their marriage in jeopardy.

With medication there's a chance that Peter will be able to continue playing, but will it be enough to hold The Fugue together?

The Chicago Sun-Times

"A Late Quartet does one of the most interesting things any film can do. It shows how skilled professionals work." - Roger Ebert

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The New York Times

"Magnificently acted." - Stephen Holden

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