The Last of the Haussmans

Monday, October 15
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3hr 00mins // directed by:Howard Davies // featuring:Julie Walters, Rory Kinnear, Helen McCrory

"I was purring in tickled contentment because the fine-tuned cast was so functionally dysfunctional...Helen McCrory and Rory Kinnear, two of the finest actors of their generation" -The New York Times

Julie Walters plays Judy Haussman with Rory Kinnear and Helen McCrory as her children in this eagerly-anticipated new play by writer/actor Stephen Beresford: a funny, touching and sometimes savage portrait of a family that’s losing its grip.

Anarchic, feisty but growing old, high society drop-out Judy Haussman remains in spirit with the Ashrams of the 1960s while holding court in he