Sunday, November 24
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1hr 51mins // directed by:Cyril Tuschi

This exciting documentary tells the amazing and deeply moving story of the rise of Mikhail Khodorkovsky from poverty to the richest man in Russia and his transformation into an opponent of dictatorship and martyr for the cause of political freedom and the rule of law.

The film is a brilliantly constructed piece of investigative filmmaking. It dramatically traces how Khodorkovsky, a wealthy oligarch, became a champion of democracy and human rights. As a result, he was arrested and convicted on transparently false charges. He has been in prison for more than 10 years and has been designated a “Prisoner of Conscience” by Amnesty International.

Tracking his growth from his days at university to his founding of Bank Menatep and eventual acquisition of Yukos, filmmaker Cyril Tuschi paints a portrait of Khodorkovsky as an enigmatic, larger-than-li