Karen K and the Jitterbugs Holiday Jam-Brrrr-ee

Saturday, December 6
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1hr 00mins

BUG OUT – Holiday Style! With Karen K & the Jitterbugs!

The holidays have hit the Bug Out, the fort in Karen K’s backyard where she seeks adventures and makes music with her imaginary friends, the Jitterbugs: Bumble (Seth Connelly, guitar); Stinky (Dan Wheddle, drums), Hop (Eric Salt, bass); side-kick and best friend, Lightning Bug (Aaron Jones, banjo and everything else); and Lady Bug (Tracey O'Farrell), vocalist. Join them for a multi-cultural celebration of family, friends, and the true meaning of the holidays.

Known for their upbeat, catchy, genre-swirling tunes that parents enjoy as much as their kids, Karen K & her Jitterbugs keep hands clapping and feet jumping at their rockin’, crowd-engaging shows performed across the country. Dubbed “The Kiddie Queen” b