The Karate Kid

Fri & Sat, August 16 & 17
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2hr 06mins // directed by:John G. Avildsen // featuring:Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue // 35mm

Teenager Daniel Laruso (Ralph Macchio) has just moved from New Jersey to sunny Los Angeles.

His dislike for his new, palm tree flanked surroundings quickly dissipates when he meets a beautiful blonde named Ali (Elizabeth Shue) at his new school. The only problem with this new relationship is that Ali dates the leader of a karate dojo gang that call themselves Cobra Kai (A typical problem in the 80's). When the roundhouse kicks and spinning punches get to be too much for young Daniel, he turns to handyman/peaceful badass Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) for help. His newfound friend and sensei teaches Daniel the proper form of Karate (the type you learn from waxing cars and clipping bonsai trees) so that he can defend himself from the violent Cobras. Boasting one of the most classic training montages ever filmed, some serious nose-honking and one legendary example of the crane style, this one is a true 80's classic.