Monday, May 2
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1hr 12mins // directed by:Clarence G. Badger, Joseph von Sternberg // featuring:Clara Bow, Gary Cooper

Long before Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, there was Clara Bow.

Her on-screen presence, vivacious beauty and racy high spirits not only made "It" a euphemism for sex appeal but placed her in the pantheon of eternal screen legends. Here she plays Betty Lou, a saucy lingerie salesgirl who has champagne tastes and beer pockets.

The Coolidge is proud to commission original scores and performances of this film's presentation from stellar students in the Department of Film Scoring at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, with the participation of professors and industry professionals.

The Boston Globe

Sunrise assignment scored with Berklee students: new music for a silent classic gets debut at Coolidge.

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