Gustafer Yellowgold's Show

Sunday, February 1
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1hr 00mins

Gustafer Yellowgold’s Show is a multi-media performance of live music, animated illustrations and storytelling.

Since his creation by Morgan Taylor in 2005, Gustafer Yellowgold has become an international phenomenon, acclaimed by The New York Times, which described Gustafer as "A cross between Yellow Submarine and Dr. Seuss." Entertainment Weekly praised "…The most infectious original songs. It’s like tapping into some pleasure center in the brain- both adult and kid…absurdly appealing. Grade: A." New York Magazine named Morgan Taylor "Best Kids’ Performer" in a recent "Best of New York" issue.

This live performance will feature new songs and videos from the all-new DVD/CD "Gustafer Yellowgold's Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom", along with plenty of fan favorites from the five previous Gustafer Yellowgold releases, as well as last year's hit single, "Cakenstein."

Recommended for ages 3+