The Funhouse

Fri & Sat, October 5 & 6
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1hr 36mins // directed by:Tobe Hooper // featuring:Elizabeth Berridge, Kevin Conway

Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) directs this carnival ride of terror.

Amy Harper and her new boyfriend Buzz join Amy's best friend Liz and her boyfriend Richie to visit a sleazy traveling carnival. Out for a night of fun, the quartet smoke a little pot, peep into a 21-and-over strip show, heckle fortune teller Madame Zena, visit the freaks-of-nature exhibit, and view a seedy magic show. When the carnival begins closing for the night, Richie dares the group to sneak into the Funhouse ride and spend the night.

What they were hoping for was a night of randy fun; what they got was a nightmare of death and mutilation at the hands of a deranged freak.