Monday, December 17
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1hr 57mins // directed by:F.W. Murnau // featuring:Gösta Ekman, Emil Jannings and Camilla Horn

Fresh from the triumphant releases of Nosferatu and The Last Laugh, F. W. Murnau was given carte blanche to direct this epic fable of the supernatural. Freed from the burden of plausibility by the story's fantastic premise, Murnau summoned forth a tempest of cinematic brimstone so that every scene ripples with reckless ingenuity.

Utilizing the full resources of the UFA Studios (including elaborate miniature models and experimental special effects), Faust captures the intensity of a medieval universe steeped in religious fanaticism and pagan alchemy. Black-hooded pallbearers lead a torch-lit procession through a plague-stricken village literally cloaked by the wings of Satan. Crowded landscapes materialize and vanish in wisps of smoke, demonic creatures soar through the heavens and earthly beings are tormented by the vaporous spirits that permeate the dungeon-like homes and Caligari-esque rooftops of this shadow world.

In the eye of this infernal maelstrom is the great Emil Jannings (The Blue Angel, Othello), who sets off the film's sound and fury with a diabolically engaging performance, making Faust "a radiant jewel...a masterpiece." (The New York Times

The Coolidge is pleased to welcome back the Berklee Silent Film Orchestra. Under the direction of professor and industry professional Sheldon Mirowitz, and with the participation of the Berklee Film Scoring Department, headed by new Chair George Clinton, the BSFO students have composed and will perform a brand new score for this immortal, classic tale of the search for knowledge. The BSFO will be joined by the 24-voice Berklee-based Video Game Music Choir.