Experimentally ILL FIVE-ever

Thursday, December 13
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Local award-winning cable access show producers-turned-indie
filmmakers Michael Phelan O’Toole (AKA Mike O'Toole of Needham) and
Lawrence Hollie (of his van) announce the fifth installment of their
“Experimentally Ill” film festival; a series of two-hour movie
screenings of eclectic low budget short films, animation, and esoteric
video art, which have screened at various venues in the Boston

The 2012 D.I.Y. festival, dubbed “Experimentally ILL FIVE-ever,”
kicked off earlier in December.

The filmmakers make their return to Brookline’s famous Coolidge Corner
Theater on December

This screening is from 7PM to 9PM. All tickets are $10.00, and are
first come, first serve, unless otherwise noted. Seating is limited,
so plan to arrive early. This is an independently produced event, put
on by the Experimentally ILL production team, within the theaters’
screening rooms.

This year’s festival is dedicated to the memory of the late Dawn
Reger, an arts-lover, local performer and friend of the producers.

Patrons of this Coolidge “Experimentally ILL” date will get a chance
to meet and take pictures with special guest GOTH ROBOT, from artistic
visionary John Hartman’s “Quest For The Indie Tube!”

Experimentally ILL 5 is sponsored by friends at ExplosionBus.com, home
of the new animated webseries from the team behind Comedy Central’s
cult-hit “Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist:” comic Jonathan Katz and
producer Tom Snyder. Other sponsors include the “Reel Groovy Films”
team of filmmaker John Hartman and uber-producer Zee Zarbock, who
bring their latest counter-cultural film “Planet Diva,” among others,
to the festival. Planet Diva explores life on a post-chemical war
Earth where leather-clad Divas rule over boot licking “sissy-boys.”
More information on this meeting of film and funk, and other GROOVY
work can be found at http://ReelGroovyFilms.com

Explosion Bus episodes will also screen at the festival, in addition to a
fringe lineup of other local avant-garde and experimental shorts.
“Explosion Bus” sees Katz and Cheers/Seinfeld writer Tom Leopold star
as “two pathetic men who
create a traveling talent show.” On that theme, Experimentally ILL
producers O’Toole and Hollie are “two pathetic men
who create... A film festival.”

The complete film lineup for this event, and information on future
shows can be found at

Special thanks to our sponsors and generous contributors for this
event: http://ShaLaLaLaProductions.com
Mick Cusimano, Regina Jackson, and Patrice O’Toole