The Exorcist

Saturday, October 27
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2hr 02mins // directed by:William Friedkin // featuring:Max von Sydow, Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair

By most accounts, the scariest film ever made. Now get prepared for the most terrifying double-feature of your life when William Friedkin's masterpiece is shown alongside John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)!

A Jesuit priest, Father Lankester Merrin (Max von Sydow), leading an archaeological dig in Iraq unearths a small statue of the Assyrian demon Pazuzu alongside a modern Roman Catholic medallion of St. Joseph. Shortly after, in Georgetown, VA, 12-year-old Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) undergoes a series of behavioral changes that doctors initially shrug off as the beginning of puberty, but as Regan becomes more and more violent the doctors run tests, finding nothing physically wrong with her. As time goes by, however, it becomes more and more evident that some