El Topo

Friday, September 9
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2hr 05mins // directed by:Alejandro Jodorowsky // featuring:Alejandro Jodorowsky // 35mm

The original midnite movie. Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal Western begins violently, with the tale of a mystic gunslinger on a quest to be a Master, and ends in a bizarre attempt at redemption.

The film attracted a large cult following in its day, and still manages to draw unsuspecting midnite movie-goers into its weird womb. Filling each frame of film with imagery more staggering than the last, maestro Jodorowsky fires a constant barrage of strange at his audience. It's just when you think you can't take any more, that he sends a volley of the truly sublime to pacify you and ultimately, you submit to his vision. El Topo places you firmly in the grasp of a master filmmaker. To enjoy the experience totally, you must go limp, remember to breathe, and keep in mind that too much perfection is a mistake.