Debbie and Friends

Sunday, January 11
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1hr 00mins

Debbie and Friends concerts are fun for the whole family. Celebrate the release of the new CD Variety Show with this multimedia family concert.

Parents and kids join in this interactive “variety show” featuring a diverse array of styles including rock, pop, country, reggae and Broadway-esque tunes. This full-band performance will include new Debbie and Friends songs and fan favorites. The all-ages show will include a cast of top-shelf musicians from Berklee College of Music, including Debbie Cavalier on vocals and keyboard, Rory McKenzie on bass, Eric Salt on guitar, Bill D’Agostino on drums, Mike Carrera on vocals. Debbie and Friends will also perform with some of their animated music videos, for a multimedia extravaganza.

Debbie and Friends has won more than 20 national awards, including Parents’ Choice, CBS Boston’s “Best Local Children’s Musician,” Nickelodeon Parents’ Pick Awards and the Boston Children’s Music Performance Award. The song “Walk Away,” featured on Variety Show, was also included on a 2012 GRAMMY Award-winning album All About Bullies Big and Small. This year, Debbie’s song “I’m Glad You’re Here,” is featured on Recess Music’s award-winning album Gratitude Attitude. Since their first release, Story Songs and Sing-Alongs, Debbie and Friends have enjoyed national distribution, radio play and licensing and placements for shows like Fox TV’s “24” and retail store soundtracks. Debbie and Friends songs and videos are featured on apps and other new media including Tales2Go, Speakaboos, JitterbugTV, AmebaTV, myKazooTV, ToonGoggles, and Mibblio, among others.

Band leader and songwriter Debbie Cavalier is also Vice President of Online Learning and Continuing Education at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She is a finalist for “50 on Fire for Education” in Boston. For her family music career, Debbie has assembled a top-notch band of Berklee musicians: Bill D’Agostino and Michael Carrera are among the regulars who contributed to this album and also tour nationally with Debbie.