The Crow

Tuesday, October 30
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1hr 42mins // directed by:Alex Proyas // featuring:Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott and Rochelle Davis

On October 30th, known as Devil's Night, Eric Draven and his fiancee Shelly are brutally murdered by a gang of vicious thugs. Exactly one year later, Eric returns from the grave to seek vengeance.

Adapted from the J. O'Barr's eponymous comic book by then up-and-coming Aussie director Alex Proyas (Dark City), Brandon Lee stars as Eric/The Crow, in what would tragically be his final onscreen appearance. This dark film took many by surprise, with Lee putting in a stunning performance as the ultimate anti-super-hero, and quickly became a cult favorite. 

Join the Coolidge in welcoming in Halloween with this special Devil's Night screening of one of the best comic-book adaptations to hit the screen - and one of the darkest tales of revenge in the genre.