Crimes and Misdemeanors

Monday, February 20
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1hr 44mins // directed by:Woody Allen // featuring:Martin Landau, Woody Allen and Bill Bernstein

In “one of the watershed films of his career” (Los Angeles Times), Woody Allen intertwines two storylines to give us a penetrating, acidly funny tale about the complexity of human choices and the moral microcosms they represent.

Judah Rosenthal (Martin Landau, Oscar-nominated for the role) is a prominent ophthalmologist with a loving family, an upstanding reputation, and a secret: his mistress (Anjelica Huston) is threatening to expose his extramarital and financial misdeeds unless he marries her. Desperate, he agrees to allow his criminal brother (Jerry Orbach) to “take care” of the problem for good. Meanwhile, frustrated documentary filmmaker Cliff Stern (Woody Allen) accepts a lucrative job directing a profile of his brother-in-law, a pompous, hugely successful TV sitcom producer