CCA Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM): Panic in the Streets

National Evening of Science on Screen
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1hr 36mins // directed by:Elia Kazan // featuring:Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas


Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM) will present a screening of Panic in the Streets, introduced by biologist and epidemiologist Ben Althouse. Please click here for event details.

In director Elia Kazan's 1950 film noir, a physician from the U.S. Health Service (Richard Widmark) and a police detective (Paul Douglas) race against time to prevent an outbreak of pneumatic plague in New Orleans. Before the screening, biologist, epidemiologist, and Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellow Ben Althouse discusses the history of public-health response to infectious disease.

About the Film

Elia Kazan's 1950s film noir follows a U.S. Public Health Service agent and a police detective as they race through the streets of New Orleans to prevent an outbreak of pneumonic plague. The movie, filmed entirely on location in New Orleans, won an Oscar for best writing and launched the genre of outbreak movies.

About the Speaker

Biologist and epidemiologist Ben Althouse is a Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellow.