The Blues Brothers

Monday, August 26
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2hr 13mins // directed by:John Landis // featuring:'Joliet' Jake and Elwood Blues // 35mm

'Joliet' Jake and Elwood are the most soulful white brothers in Chicago: the Blues Brothers.

They're on a mission from God and nothing can stop them. They need to raise $5,000 in 11 days or the Roman Catholic orphanage where they grew up, St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud, will shutter its doors for good. They decide to put their band back together in order to put on a show to raise the funds. On their journey they are being chased by police, a mysterious bazooka wielding woman, a country-western band called the Good Ol' Boys, SWAT teams, firefighters, Illinois National Guardsmen, the Military Police, and the Illinois chapter of the neo-Nazis. Coming to their aid as they narrowly escape these evil n'er do wells are soul superstars Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, John Lee Hooker, and Cab Calloway.

Will the Blues Brothers be able to raise the money and pay the tax collector in time or will the law and lawless overtake them before they can complete their Godly mission?