Blood, Sweat + Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century - Hydra Head benefit show

Friday, November 30
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2hr 00mins // directed by:Kenneth Thomas

In September 2012, Hydra Head Records announced their imminent demise. Bands and bills still need to be paid, so we have decided to throw a swan-song benefit party for the ex-Boston-based label with a live performance by The Austerity Program, Hydra Head raffle goodies, and an exclusive screening of a great new documentary.

The Austerity Program is a two-piece band New York City - guitar, bass an drum machine.  Heavy emphasis on rhythm and almost none on melody.  Expect to hear songs about C-list cartoon rabbits, despised albinos and suicidal arsonists, all played through about 3500 watts of amplification.  On Hydra Head from 2002 until last month.

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