Gore Vidal's The Best Man

Monday, October 8
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1hr 42mins // directed by:Franklin J. Schaffner // featuring:Henry Fonda, Cliff Robertson and Edie Adams

Join playwright Christopher Shinn and director Michael Wilson (who also directed the Tony Award-winning 2012 Broadway revival of Gore Vidal's The Best Man) for a post-screening discussion about how Vidal's work and the current political climate shaped the creation of their new play, Now or Later.

In Gore Vidal's The Best Man (based on Vidal's play of the same name), Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson square off as political adversaries during a presidential primary in this sardonic, insightful drama that brings out the best, and worst, in American politics.

Released during the Presidential campaign of 1964, The Best Man is a caustic political drama which kept a lot of critics and filmgoers guessing which real-life politicians inspired the lead characters. In one corner, you have William Russell (Fonda), the older, more idealistic candidate whose wi