The Beaver Trilogy with Director Trent Harris

Monday, September 9
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1hr 45mins // directed by:Trent Harris // featuring:Groovin' Gary, Sean Penn, Crispin Glover

Director Trent Harris arrives at the Coolidge to present his cult classic series: The Beaver Trilogy, three interrelated short films about a young man from the small town of Beaver, Utah who is obsessed with Olivia Newton John.

It all began in 1979 with the chance meeting in a Salt Lake City parking lot where filmmaker Trent Harris is approached by an earnest small-town dreamer from Beaver, Utah. Harris is invited to film his talent show in Beaver. At the show, the man dons black leather, a blond wig, and performs in drag as Olivia Newton John. Harris captures it all on tape. What unfolds is a strange, funny, and ultimately poignant portrait of a true outsider.