Athens Ciné (Athens, GA): Walter

National Evening of Science on Screen
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1hr 24mins // directed by:Hunter Weeks

Athens Ciné (Athens, GA) will present a screening of Walter: Lessons from the World's Oldest People, introduced by Dr. Leonard W. Poon. Please click here for event details.

Inspired by a visit to Walter Breuning, then 113 years of age, documentarian Hunter Weeks and his fiancée, Sarah Hall, embark on an adventure to capture the stories of several supercentarians. Before the film, University of Georgia gerontologist Dr. Leonard W. Poon discusses well-being in the “oldest old” – people aged 85+. 

About the Film

After an encounter with Walter Breuning, the World’s Oldest Man, Hunter Weeks and his fiancée, Sarah, embark on an adventure to meet the oldest people in the world, including some of the people born in the 1800s. Capturing the extraordinary lives of people 110 years or older, including World’s Oldest Person, Besse Cooper of Georgia, the couple’s journey sheds light on what is truly important in life. Traveling across the United States, Cuba, and Italy, Hunter and Sarah explore life’s lessons through the stories of several living supercentenarians and the families that support them. WALTER connects us to the inspiring lives of our elders and their lessons for living life right.

About the Speakers

Dr. Leonard W. Poon is the Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus at UGA's Institute of Gerontology. He will be joined by Guinness gerontology consultant, Robert Young, who will discuss "Understanding Well-Being in the Oldest Old".

Director Hunter Weeks will also be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A, along with family of featured supercentarian Besse Cooper. As one of only eight people verified to have lived to the age of 116, the Georgian was the eighth oldest verified person ever.