Athena Cinema (Athens, OH): Soylent Green

National Evening of Science on Screen
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1hr 37mins // directed by:Richard Fleischer // featuring:Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson

Athena Cinema (Athens, OH) will present a screening of Soylent Green, introduced by Dr. Gerardine (Gerri) Botte. Please click here for event details.

In an overpopulated, polluted, and resource-depleted New York City of the future, a detective (Charlton Heston) uncovers a shocking secret about a mysterious synthetic food while investigating a murder. After the film, Ohio University Russ Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dr. Gerardine (Gerri) Botte discusses clean, renewable energy sources and technologies, followed by Q&A. 

About the Film

Richard Fleischer directed this nightmarish science fiction vision of an over-populated world, based on the novel by Harry Harrison. In 2022, New York City is a town bursting at the seams with a 40-million-plus population. Food is in short supply, and most of the population’s food source comes from synthetics manufactured in local factories — the dinner selections being a choice between Soylent Red, Soylent Yellow, or Soylent Green. When William Simonson (Joseph Cotten), an upper-echelon executive in the Soylent Company, is found murdered, police detective Thorn (Charlton Heston) is sent in to investigate the case. Helping him out researching the case is Thorn’s old friend Sol Roth (Edward G. Robinson, in his final film role). As they investigate the environs of a succession of mad-from-hunger New Yorkers and the luxuriously rich digs of the lucky few, Thorn uncovers the terrible truth about the real ingredients of Soylent Green.

About the Speaker

Dr. Botte is a professor of chemical engineering in the Russ College, as well as director of CEER (Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research at OU). She is also a member of the National Academy of Inventors and her “pee-to-power” work has been noted in international media, from Rolling Stone to NBC.