Athena Cinema (Athens, OH): Soylent Green

National Evening of Science on Screen
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1hr 37mins // directed by:Richard Fleischer // featuring:Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson

Athena Cinema (Athens, OH) will present a screening of Soylent Green, introduced by Dr. Gerardine (Gerri) Botte. Please click here for event details.

In an overpopulated, polluted, and resource-depleted New York City of the future, a detective (Charlton Heston) uncovers a shocking secret about a mysterious synthetic food while investigating a murder. After the film, Ohio University Russ Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dr. Gerardine (Gerri) Botte discusses clean, renewable energy sources and technologies, followed by Q&A. 

About the Film

Richard Fleischer directed this nightmarish science fiction vision of an over-populated world, based on the novel by Harry Harrison. In 2022, New York City is a town bursting at the seams with a 40-million-plus population. Food is in short supply, and most of the population’s food source comes from synthetics manufactured in local factories — the di