2012 Sundance Shorts

Opens Friday, January 18
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1hr 36mins

The Arm
9min, USA
Directed by Brie Larson, Sarah Ramos, Jessie Ennis
Short Film Special Jury Prize: Comedic Writing
In an attempt to keep up with social pressure in a technologically advanced world, Chance starts a texting relationship with Genevieve, a girl he meets at a yogurt shop.

10 min, Australia
Directed by Nash Edgerton
Jack means well, but sometimes good intentions have horrible consequences.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
3 min, England
Directed by Joseph Pelling, Rebecca Sloan
A short film about teaching creativity by This Is It Collective.

First Birthday
12 min, USA
Directed by Andrew Ahn
A gay Korean-American man yearns for a family life just out of reach.

Fishing without Nets
17 min, Kenya/USA
Directed by Cutter Hodierne
Short Film Grand Jury Prize
A story of pirates in Somalia, told from the perspective of the pirates themselves.

9 min, Sweden
Directed by Charlotta Miller
Katrin decides to face her old boyfriend, who is back to collect some of his stuff.

Meaning of Robots
4 min, USA
Directed by Matt Lenski
The benevolent Mike Sullivan, age 65, has been shooting an epic stop-motion robot sex film in his apartment for the last 10 years. Obsessed with constructing the miniature robot porn stars, his apartment now overflows with thousands of them.

The Return
21min, Kosovo
Directed by Blerta Zeqiri
Short Film Jury Prize: Internationa