12th Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon

Saturday, October 27
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The time is upon us again to amass a ghoulish group of gorehounds to spend 12 hours together watching some of the best, most horrific and downright terrifying fright films ever made.

The Coolidge Corner Theatre's Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon enters its 12th year with a double feature so terrifying that you won't even be able to get up from your seat: The Exorcist (original 1973 theatrical version) and The Thing (1982)!!! We'll have a costume contest and a slew of other cool treats including some special shorts and trailers from the archives. Then stick around for another 5 jolting tales of terror guaranteed to make your hair stand on end, your knuckles go white, and your eyeballs ache! We're keeping the rest of the line-up secret but don't worry, there will be plenty of zombies, other-worldly shocks, slashers, and shivers to keep you up all night.

Tickets $15 for the double feature only; $20 for the whole stinkin' night.

Poster art © Mister Reusch



  • 1hr 49mins

    Man is the warmest place to hide.

  • 2hr 12mins

    Join us for the scariest film ever made, featuring a pre-show presentation by Calvin Von Crush and John Kozik, founding members and directors of the Talking Board Historical Society.